Itsabob Balloon Toy (Red)

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  • Itsabob Balloon Toy (Red)
  • Itsabob Balloon Toy (Red)
Itsabob is a balloon toy that allows kids and adults alike to watch their balloon float away and retrieve it back again.

Everyone has a childhood memory of playing with a balloon and letting it go. The “you can let go” moment is the feeling and timeless experience that Itsabob recreates — over and over.

It works with an elegant, intuitive interaction — a simple “squeeze and release” gesture.

Product Features

• 23” round foil balloon included
• 2  AAA batteries included 
• Simple squeeze & release interaction(no buttons)
• Line length ~ 12-14 ft
• Ring is used to attach balloon and secures to the top of Itsabob for display
• Functions as a balloon weight 
• Can be used as a balloon display system for parties and events